Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Failed test

Turned black on facing too much of radiation. Exposure was blunt ; it's ecstasic in the beginning but was a litmus test which I failed.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Frustation remains the crust of society among the young population.With the rise in population and thereof the unemployment and unsatisfaction out of the undue work pressure without any payoff,the fascination towards the occidental world has increased. I remember my days when i went through the same phase. It was hard finding the evacuation from that abase life.But after having escaped through all those maladies also couldn't rescue me.Now, I understand that the good and the bad is always existent in the society.Though it may look fancy imagining the western world having been documented so spectacular over the news. It is not really so in truth. Hey all, it is true that money may look bigger while thinking from Nepal but one should also calculate the hardwork one puts for the accomplishment of the job. Nepalese are lazybones when inside the country instead they work like horses overseas. Why not the similar kind of push and enthusiasm in the country itself? But living in overseas definitely teaches the fact of life. Most of the people who go abroad comes back, do you know why... It is just because One's culture makes life larger than it is.I believe most of the guys who went crossing the borders would love to comeback and serve the nation finally. I dream of making a global impact while enjoying the warmth of my culture.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Science is slowly pervading towards amalgamation approach.The distance between many differences has curtailed and has started providing dynamism to its usual idea. This is how "OMICS" has been so influential to life science.

Let's talk about some of the famous "OMICS" terms

Metagenomics -- Study about the whole set of genome in an ecological niche.
Proteomics -- Study about the whole protein at certain conditions
Genomics-- Study about the whole set of genes
Transcriptomics -- Study about the whole transcripts at certain conditions.